ZOOM Pilates Mat Classes

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Odile Movement & Bodywork ZOOM Mat Class

During this time of social distancing, you can still get a great Pilates workout virtually in real-time, with ZOOM classes. Strengthen your core, arms, legs, hips and buttocks. Improve your balance and physical performance.

Level 1

This level is great for those new to Pilates and/or have orthopedic issues. We focus on developing core strength through using Pilates and biomechanics alignment principles. It is a slower, more deliberate paced class. We introduce props to enhance our learning and taking us deeper into our core musculature. (See below attachments to purchase these props)

Level 2,3

This level is great for those who have an active Pilates and movement practice and would like to be challenged at swifter pace. In this flow class we often use props to challenge our alignment and improve our power and performance, so grab your Pilates Magic circles, Green or Blue therabands, and Gertie balls.

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