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In the 10+ years that I was one Odile’s private weekly clients never once did I leave her session without a pearl that impacted me in one way or another. She has the knack and the intuition to zero in on those areas that need attention. We progressed to a point where my flexibility and strength and balance were allowing me to do things that I was unable to do before. Again her attention to detail and her understanding of anatomy and physiology helped in my quest to overcome the many obstacles that I faced. The strong foundation that was laid down will continue to increase my body awareness for many years to come. Our loss is your gain. Take advantage of it! And have Fun.
Jeff L.

Private Pilates session

In a private session your individual needs and goals are my focus. Whether you need a fluid workout on the Pilates or Gyrotonic equipment where you feel challenged, or perhaps a session with more emphasis on stretching and relaxing your muscles. Maybe you are working through an injury and need to take it a little slower to emphasize and address the injury through Pilates, Gyrotonic and other movements coupled with orthopedic massage, to make it a therapeutic session. Private sessions are unparalleled in giving you the time and space to concentrate on you and your body’s needs and goals. With focused attention on your alignment in each exercise, your body begins to learn the most advantageous and sound movements to make each exercise therapeutic and strengthening.

Your first Pilates or Gyrotonic session includes a postural assessment where I note muscular imbalances, locations of weakness or tightness that may contribute to further pain and imbalance. With this assessment information and your goals, together we create a fitness and wellness plan to help achieve your best self.

If you are under your physician’s or physical therapist’s care, I work closely with them to continue your post-physical rehabiliation during your movement and massage sessions at Odile Movement and Bodywork. Often clients who complete their Physical Therapy prescription continue their rehabilitation with me. I help you graduate from a state of ‘rehabilitation’ to ‘re-integration’, helping you get back to the activities and lifestyle you lived before your injury with newfound knowlege and awareness so you can keep yourself injury and pain-free.

Duets or 2+ Private Group

Duets or 2+ Private Group is a 2-person or private group class (5 person maximum). These sessions are crafted with a more continuous flow for an overall body experience with your duet or private group in mind. I pay specific attention to each person’s needs while moving the session forward at an active or requested pace. Alignment is at the forefront of my focus as you move through each Pilates exercise. It is common, however, to have each person addressing and working towards their own individual goal while keeping the rhythm of the shared session. These sessions are by appointment only.

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking or outright purchase.”

– Joseph Pilates

History and How Pilates and Gyrotonic can help you

Pilates is a movement discipline or practice created by Joseph Pilates in Germany back in the early 1900’s. Having been sickly child who suffered from asthma and rickets, Pilates was determined to strengthen his body. Being born to a gymnast, his father and a naturopath, his mother, he believed that the body can be healed by a strong mind guiding body. Therefore the Pilates method philosophy focuses on training the mind and the body to work together towards a goal of overall fitness.

Pilates integrates the “whole body, mind and spirit” by weaving breathing, concentration, controlled movement, centering, flow, postural alignment, precision, stamina and relaxation into each movement, Whether we are on a mat or on the Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair and other accessories, Pilates provides increased alignment and posture benefits by conditioning our deep or intrinsic muscles. In doing so, the necessary relationship between stability, mobility, isolations, flexibility and comprehensive movement become available to us, more than ever before allowing us to create healthy joints and strong, flexible muscles and other soft tissue. In the words of my mentor and colleague Madeline Black, “A smart body is moving through its architecture as it has been designed with balance and strength.”

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