Client Stories

San Diego Pilates, HM® Orthopedic Massage, and Gyrotonic®
In the 10+ years that I was one Odile’s private weekly clients never once did I leave her session without a pearl that impacted me in one way or another. She has the knack and the intuition to zero in on those areas that need attention. We progressed to a point where my flexibility and strength and balance were allowing me to do things that I was unable to do before. Again her attention to detail and her understanding of anatomy and physiology helped in my quest to overcome the many obstacles that I faced. The strong foundation that was laid down will continue to increase my body awareness for many years to come. Our loss is your gain. Take advantage of it! And have Fun.  
Jeff L.

Odile Zelenak worked with me from many years on Reformer, Pilates and Gyrotonic® sessions as well as Orthopedic Massage.  Being a 74 year old male who has experienced sports injuries, a motorcycle crash and being tossed off a horse at full gallop against a very rocky mountainside, I can say that Odile’s expertise in body work and injury healing is responsible for allowing me to be able continue to enjoy my life long sports of golf, big boat sailing and steelhead fishing, all which require strength, balance, stamina and flexibility.  

I had the good fortune of having both individual and reformer pilates sessions with Odile. Odile was both intuitive and well-educated scientifically about the human body. Her cuing was very clear and easy-to-follow, a must for a newbie like me. The individual classes and group sessions flowed beautifully, and Odile was very free with ideas and tips for treatments and follow-through outside of class. In the group classes, Odile had a very strong sense of what EACH person needed. We all had different “issues” and Odile was able to pay attention to every single one without taking away from the rhythm of the class. Odile is passionate, knowledgable, intuitive, and loving, and couldn’t be more professional. Her work has made such a difference in my life. The effects are long-lasting. I feel stronger and carry myself better than I ever have before. Thank you, Odile!

After four years of searching, and three other practitioners who could not help me, I found Odile!  I had been dealing with knee pain which I knew did not originate there.  I went from regular docs who wanted to jump to X-rays and surgery conversations, and alternate healers and structural therapists who all could not find the source of why my knee pain.  On my first meeting with Odile, she listened intently and then had me walk and stand so she could assess what was wrong.  She then said, “I see it”.  The answer was an imbalance in the musculature of my leg that needed retraining so that my knee stopped taking the brunt of compensations in other areas that were from a childhood issue.  I felt so seen and understood and hopeful.  We then worked weekly; Odile used movement exercises to retrain my walking pattern and orthopedic massage to unwind the patterned muscle tension.  A few months in I could feel the difference in my knee, but the bonus was my core strength and an understanding of how to address these patterns so I could resume my yoga practice without causing the knee pain again.  She is truly a healer!  If you get the chance to work with Odile, it will change your life.


I felt an immediate sense of comfort from the first moment that I met Odile. Over the course of almost five years she has helped me to overcome a serious lower back problem. In working with her through private, one-on- one sessions and semi-private sessions, we were able to develop a Pilates program that incorporated fully body toning, while slowly building up my core strength. She has the expertise, passion, and patience as a trainer for anyone interested in working with their body. Odile always pays close attention to make sure that I have the correct alignment. She has a deep understanding of body mechanics and has helped me to develop and maintain a strong and functional body.

She is constantly keeping her class and private sessions interesting with new and innovative exercises.

She is gracious, caring, has a great sense of humor, and is a really fun, cool, easy person to spend time

Carole Barlas

Make an appointment with Odile NOW!  She has just recently moved to San Diego which is the only reason she has time available.  That won’t last.  Hurry!!! Taking one class or having a private will enable you to quickly understand the luck you have just tapped into.  Odile has natural ability with the body and its energy sources.  In addition, she continues to be curious about new modalities – the ones that work and the ones that don’t.  Through a combination of exercise and massage, Odile fixes things that are ouch-y and strengthens things that aren’t. The upside to that is a more developed mind/body connection.  When I twisted/wrenched/hurt myself, my mind said “we will see Odile soon”  and my body immediately felt better.  Earning trust, perhaps Odile’s best skill.

“Pilates—what a joy with Odile! She provided me with individual Pilates classes two times per week for over two years. Additionally I benefitted from occasional orthopedic massages. Her knowledge of anatomy and Pilates was super. Her instructions were clear and paced just for my needs. For an overweight, under-exercised seventy-four year old with a bad knee these classes were a gift. My strength, body image, and confidence improved immensely. She focused on me—my individual and unique needs. Me—who detests exercise—loved the classes. Lucky San Diego.”

Having been a student of Pilates for several years and working with 4 different private instructors, I can say my sessions with Odile took my practice to a whole new level. Her knowledge of functional anatomy, foundation in massage and yoga coupled with sincere dedication to each client’s needs provides an environment for personal growth and healing. Whether it is mat work, reformer, Cadillac, Gyrotonic® or massage, you will find Odile’s queing, sequencing and plan of action unequalled. Get ready for a new you both physically and spiritually!

After months of being mis-diagnosed for an Eustachian Tube disfunction that had been seriously impacting my quality of life, Odile quickly observed some fundamental posture issues, worked to unlock my mess of muscles, and gave me tools to improve my posture and regain strength. She gave me my life back. And I thought I was just going in for a neck massage…”
Neil, Age 54,

Software Engineer spending too much time hunched over a computer

I have known Odile for some time now and had the opportunity to have her work with me for the past 2 years. I am a rehab specialist for horses and use body work as a part of their healing process. I also am a horse trainer and have had some serious accidents causing my spine to be in constant tension. I would alternate between stand and sit to maintain comfort and finding that I was riding less and not wanting to canter as it caused great discomfort. Over the years I had been able to improve other symptoms that I had but just could not get the spine to quit locking in spasm. With Odile’s help she walked me through a door I was beginning to believe would never open. Her ability to read my body and know exactly which muscle group to address with her orthopedic massage each time I saw her unraveled the layers of improper muscle firing patterns that kept me in such pain. She then gave me exercises to strengthen the weak muscles. I would joke with her that I would only do them if she could give me exercises that I could incorporate into my day or I wouldn’t do them. Later it was exercises that I could do on the horse or wouldn’t do them. When I learned she was going to leave I set a goal. Or I pushed myself because I knew without Odile I would not get my body back. And because of Odile and her commitment to what she does, I have a spine that does not lock up and I have
the use of my hips and legs without pain. I can access the muscles I need to maintain my
good posture and am free to ride like the wind again.
Cindy, Equestrian Trainer

When I began private sessions with Odile, I was in pain and weak.

During our sessions Odile used a variety of Pilates, Gyrotonic and massage modalities to help me build flexibility and strength. After each session I felt hope and a growing confidence that I could be strong again.  

Through Odile’s cueing, and progressive exercises, I developed and understanding of certain patterns that were causing pain.  I asked for homework exercises, which helped me continue the work we did in privates.  

After about a year I was ready to join the reformer classes, which are an excellent partner to privates.  In our classes we work with a particular theme, while simultaneously opening the entire body.  The classes are challenging and her cueing is specific and also encouraging.  Every reformer class is a new exploration.  

Odile is a superb teacher, communicating clearly and with empathy. She is highly intuitive, and sees the patterns of the human body and how these patterns help or resist wellness.  On many occasions Odile would combine massage (opening the body) with pilates and gyro tonic modalities. This combination is so effective  because as I better understood my body through her careful body work, I could then with her guidance move more fluidity in pilates and Gyrotonic®.